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Content is king. Make updating your content easy. joomla

At their simplest level Content Management System's (CMS's) make the all important job of updating content on your website easy. More advanced CMS's also help catalog, organize and collaborate the editing of documents that live within it.

We are experienced in implementing solutions with the two most popular open source content management system's, Joomla and Drupal.

$6M For FreeFirst I'd like to debunk a myth:

'Open source software is free therefore it is not as good as the commercial alternative'

Every piece of software should be evaluated on it's own merits, having worked for major enterprise software vendors we feel we are in a solid position to comment on this. The Website Design Studio ha've spent considerable time developing solutions with both commercial software and open source. We've often found open source software is easier to work with than the commercial alternative.

One good example of the robustness of Drupal is that it has been used by IBM Consulting Services to develop websites for their clients.

Our CMS solutions fully leverage the power of these open source solutions, so with our deep knowledge, we can build you a solution that fits the needs of your business - like a glove.

Please continue reading to see more evidence that open source software is truly business ready.

The European Commission has awarded € 1.6 million in funding to a consortium of leading European consultants and research bodies – the Software Quality Observatory for Open Source Software (SQO-OSS) – to analyse and benchmark the quality of open source software and prove its suitability for use in European business.

The UK Parliament published an interesting article that demonstrates the benefits of Open source, you can download it here. do a study into the development cost of open source solutions. Drupal and it's components comes out at a total cost of $6M while Joomla comes out at just over $2M. It should be noted that the number of lines of code is a very poor metric to estimate development cost, elegant, efficient software in general has few lines of very reusable code.

An in depth quantative analysis of open source software can be viewed here.

More recently Joomla! Has been announced as the winner of the 2006 Open Source CMS Awards with Drupal in second place and Plone finishing in third.