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Sell to the world with our ecommerce solutions


According to Forrester Research (as cited in Kessler, 2003), electronic commerce (ecommerce) generated sales worth US $12.2 billion in 2003. More recent estimates put online spending at over $100billion in 2006.

Whether you sell products or services, it makes sense to enable your customers to purchase your offering online.

From website optimization and design to website promotion and online marketing, we use proven techniques to refine your online sales process. We are experienced in providing both ecommerce hosting and building turnkey ecommerce solutions that generate revenue for our customers and ultimately give better website ROI than our rivals.

We use open source ecommerce software (either OSCommerce or Virtuemart depending on your individual needs) so you only pay for our customization services. With over 6 years of operation, osCommerce has over 11,800 online shops that have been voluntarily added to the live shops section on their website, and powers many thousands of more online shops worldwide. virtuemart

First Impressions?

Marketing specialists claim that surfing visitors will form an impression of an online business within a few seconds, so it is vital that the information, text and image presentation are of the highest quality.

If your pages do project a professional image, your prospective visitors will trust they are dealing with a competent business and go on to explore your products and services to a greater degree.