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English Proofreading

Content is king.

Bad Grammar

At the end of the day, no matter how beautiful your website looks, or how compliant your code is with the latest web standards, if your content is littered with poor spelling and bad grammar, your users will receive an impression of your business that is downmarket and unprofessional.


Why would I pay someone to proofread when I can just run my spellchecker? Modern word processor's are a boon to budding copywriter's all around the world, unfortunately, due to the subtle nuances of the English language no spell checker is perfect. Take a look at the paragraph below and see if you can spot the mistake.

Motorists must pay up!

Car drivers will have to pay 5 pounds a day to take their cars into the centre of London from February onwards. The charges have been bought in to persuade people to change from using cars to using public transport such as the bus or the tube.

Did you spot the mistake? "Their" should be "there"? No, that's not it. The correct answer is bought should be brought. "The charges have been bought in" [sic].

Our proofreaders have thousand's of man days experience reading both marketing and technical literature. Furthermore, if any of our work is later proven to be inaccurate or errors were made, we offer a full money back guarantee.

If English isn't your native tongue, why take the chance? We can proofread your content for you for a modest fee. Our sliding rates mean the more you use us, the less you pay. Our proofreading rates start from only $50 per one thousand words.