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bad logoLogo Design and Remastering

Company logo looking tired or washed out?

Your company logo is one of the most important facets of your marketing and branding efforts. Is your logo memorable? Does it encapsulate your brand? Does it send out a professional image?

Logo RevampedHere at the Website Design Studio, we have over 10 years experience of developing polished professional graphics. We use both classical and modern design techniques to develop innovative, memorable logo designs for all types of businesses. We can do the same for you.

We can also update an existing logo by digitally enhancing it, replacing fonts, colours and styles, or even turn it into a 3D model which can be rotated and rendered at any angle. If you have a low quality version of an existing logo we will be happy to repair it using digital imaging techniques.

We will provide you with your logo formatted in a format that can be resized to any level because they use vectors rather than pixels (as per most graphics on the web like jpgs gifs and pngs) to describe the image.

Please take a look at our portfolio of previous logo work:

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Digital Image Formats

JPEG / GIF (Web Optimised)
The design scaled to your requirements. These 72 dpi images are optimised for the fine balance between maximum image quality and minimum file size for optimum download times. These can be used in Web Sites, Powerpoint, Multimedia and e-mail projects etc.

TIFF / BMP (Bitmap)
A file holding the colour/brightness values of each pixel from a matrix of coloured dots. A bitmap image is only good for printing up to the size it was originally created for.

FREEHAND MX / EPS (Vector Graphics)
Vector graphics can be printed in high quality and high resolution for any size of print project without loss of image quality due to the file data being mathematical instructions, rather than a bitmap.