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The art of graphic design, programming and user interface optimization that create web pages, websites and web applications that delight the user.
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From business class website design and website promotion to website optimization projects that achieve better website ROI, we have a solution to fit your unique needs.

Social Media Marketing

We recently worked on a Facebook-ThePassageSocial Media Marketing campaign with a boutique style resort in Koh Samui who wanted to engage their customers, stay in touch with them and increase their customer loyalty by providing the latest information on tourist spots and the latest promotions and special offers available. We helped them consolidate their marketing plan and refine their website by looking at the Analytics data they were already collecting - but were not using.

Website Design

We recently rebranded our own website. In building this clean, elegant design from the ground up we incorporated a fun, interactive Newton's cradle logo using Flash animation and Actionscript to model the dynamics of the toy.

Website Design Studio Website

The design also incorporated a short Flash movie that encompasses our brand values. The website is search engine optimized and meets the W3C Triple A conformance criteria for accessibility. The HTML conforms to the XHTML 1.1 specification which means it is 'future proofed' code that will work with the next generation of browsers and is easy to update and extend in the future.

Finally we created both requirements gathering and feedback forms using the latest AJAX technology to ensure they were extremely user friendly and no users were lost due to complexity of use.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Example

A business consultant engaged us to increase his ranking for his personal CV website, so we worked on refining his online CV to ensure it ranked more highly on relevant keywords.

Within 4 weeks of completing the work we obtained a front page ranking on Google for the search terms in question, one of which was 'Business Consultant CV' for this search term the site is currently placed 3rd on Google out of 1.4 million similiar sites. Try a search yourself!


Business Consultant CV, CRM Consultant CV

Content Management Systems

Joomla Example

Joomla Logo

This Joomla based website enables simple updating of articles with no knowledge of HTML. This allows none technical users to directly modify the content of your site, which means you can update your content more easily and consequently gain higher placement in search engine listings.

This design also incorporated an online Skype status module, Amazon online marketing module, online surveys, downloads and photo galleries as well as a custom designed module that presented fun and interesting random quotes to users of the website.

Joomla Example

Joomla Logo

This multilingual website was designed for a computer gaming centre in Thailand. Once again Joomla demonstrated it's power in facilitating quick and easy content updating by none technical users. This site also allowed users to translate and maintain content in multiple languages, essential if your target audience covers multiple territories.

Flash animation

This Flash advertisement was designed for to be used in their online marketing campaign. Their business is focused on assisting website owners in determining the reliability of their internet service provider. Our brief was to capture Pingdom's brand values and raise their brand awareness by creating a innovative, highly clickable advert that would drive traffic to their website.

We created a highly visual advert that captured the essence of the problem website owners face. At the top of the advertisement is a Newton's cradle that requires constant maintenance to stay in motion, whilst on the bottom next to a Pingdom logo is a Newton's cradle in perpetual motion.

We have also designed websites for website design companies but are unable to show these due to our confidentiality agreements with them.