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The art of graphic design, programming and user interface optimization that create web pages, websites and web applications that delight the user.
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Website Design Rates

website design rates

We believe in giving our clients the freedom to choose the type of billing they are most comfortable with. There are two options, a 'billable hours' model and a package model.

Our various website design packages are extremely flexible and can be extended and grown by purchasing additional functionality modules.

Our 'billable hours' model is a three tiered pricing structure.


Website Design Director: $100/hour
Our website design director's have mastered all aspects of website design and have a minimum of 5 years experience designing and building cutting edge websites.
Senior Website Designer: $70/hour
Our senior website designers are extremely competent in the latest website design technologies. they have extensive industry experience with a minimum of 3 years experience designing professional websites.
Website Designer: $30/hour
Although not having the extensive experience of our senior designers, our website designers are still extremely talented. Our rigorous entry examinations ensure they are well versed in the latest website design technologies, are intelligent, hard working professionals and strong communicators.
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