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Domain registration Tools

Our engineers have built an extensive toolset so your domain registration needs are met quickly and efficiently. Whether you need to renew your domain registration or set advanced DNS options, we have an easy to use tool to facilite it. If you have any questions relating to these services, our experts are ready to help, call us now.

Existing Customers

Domain Management

Manage Your Domain
Your domain control panel
Quick Domain Renewal
Renew your registered domain quickly and easily here.
Email Forwarding
This tool lets you forward your mail to another address, for example your gmail.
URL Forwarding
This functionality enables you to point your domain at any website on the internet.
Secure Whois
Privacy concerns? This service will hide your personal details from being publicly available.
Advanced DNS Service
Advanced DNS functionality, only use this if you host a mail server or a website on your own computer.
Terms of Service
Our promise to you.

New Customers

Website Solutions

Website Creator
Our easy to use tool that enables novice designers to create fantastic looking websites.
Website Hosting
Website Design Studio's world class hosting packages, with Plesk™ control panel.

Help finding a domain

Domain Twist
This tool will combine a word provided by you and commonly used terms to create an available domain.
Word Wizard
This term will combine your keyword with American geography to generate locally orientated domains for your organization.