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Search Engine Optimization

85% of prospective web customers use search engines to find solutions and vendors. Only the top 20 search result will ever generate serious traffic.

[Source: Georgia Institute of Technology]

Search Engines Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting a website to show at the top of user searches on Google and their ilk. SEO is an ongoing process and the results are never instant. However the long term benefits of having your website at the top of Google, Yahoo or MSN are very clear. SEO is a necessary solution for any company planning to utilize the internet to conduct or promote their business.

Our SEO services are available individually or as part of our website design packages and cover what is essential to get your website ranked by Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Please continue reading if you would like to learn more about the SEO project lifecycle and what it encompasses.


This phase will deal with assessing your website, your goals, and your competition in order to plan our strategy and execution.

Discovery Interview


We will conduct an interview to learn about your short-term and long-term goals.. This information will be used to plan our SEO campaign and design the strategy that best fits with your website.

Keyword Effectiveness Research

We will analyze top keywords that are relevant to your website and help you select the ones that are most cost-effective to your business.

Choosing the most appropriate keywords is one of the most important aspects of the optimization process. So, it is critically important to choose terms that people search against as opposed to those terms you might think your business is about.

Competitive Analysis

We will analyze the top 3 websites competing for your primary keywords. We will use this information to plan our SEO strategy in order to outperform them over time.

Preliminary Ranking Report

A baseline report that ranks your site at the beginning of the project, before any actions are performed. This will help both parties measure the ranking progress over time.

On-Page Optimization

SEOThis phase involves refining the existing content on your webpage and means we will have to work with your existing web design teams if you are not using our in-house webpage design services.

Optimizing Pages For Keywords

We will optimize your web pages for the selected keywords. We usually follow the rule of one keyword phrase per page to ensure that the content is structured in a user-friendly manner.

The end result will determine how a search engine robot (also known as a “Spider” or “Crawler”) will actually see and rank your website, taking dozens of factors into consideration.

Meta Tag Composition

We will create or adjust the meta tags for each of the optimized pages.

Google Sitemap

We will generate a Google sitemap file for your website to ensure proper crawling and maximum indexing of your pages.

Add New Content Pages

We may provide your website with quality fresh content, optimized for search engine inclusion. These may be new 'landing pages', related articles, and more.

Website Usability Assessment

We will analyze the structure of your website and identify any potential problems. We will provide recommendations based on best practices and existing web standards to ensure your website is optimally designed to reach the maximum audience possible.

Website Quality Report

We will check your website for a variety of errors and problems (broken links, missing ALT attributes, etc.) and will provide you with a detailed report of everything that needs to be fixed.

Off-Page Optimization

This phase covers all processes that take place outside your own website..

Reciprocal Link Exchange

We will exchange reciprocal links with high quality related websites to increase your link popularity. That will include researching your top competitors to learn which are the best link partners to target for your website.

This is an ongoing effort which will enhance the quantity and, more importantly, the quality of links you receive from other web resources to your website pages.

Our goal is to get your website connected within your industry and increase your search engine rankings at the same time. In result you will gain targeted traffic from both related authority sites and the search engines.

Publish Your Articles

If you have written articles we will publish them to hundreds of article directories across the Internet. This will help driving targeted traffic to your website and will boost the number of incoming one way links.

Web Directory Submission

Submitting your website to the right directories can significantly boost your website’s ranking. Prior to submission, we will analyze your site to make sure it is in top shape. Free directory submission include DMOZ (The Open Directory Project) and quality selected directories that are relevant to your website.

Paid Web directories are usually of higher quality. We will include top quality Web directories that offer great return for the money, and the best part - it is already included in our offer at no extra cost to you.

Upon completion, we will provide a detailed report of the Web directories we have submitted your website to, including free and paid submissions.

Ranking Check

We will monitor your ranking with the selected search engines on a bi-weekly basis and provide monthly reports. You will be able to review your ranking history analysis, see how your website stacks against competition and measure the effectiveness of our efforts.

Premium or Basic?

We offer two Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages. The rationale behind these packages is to provide a complete set of services that are essential to achieving good search engine ranking. The packages cater to budgets of differing sizes and are distinguished on the following basis:

  • Number of targeted search keywords.

  • Number of optimized web pages.

  • Selection of paid Web Directories to submit your website.

  • Size of Link Popularity Campaign.

    Focused on the top 3 search engines: Google, Yahoo & MSN.
  • Ethical SEO: we will always fully comply with the search engines guidelines and will never use SPAM techniques to promote your website.

  Standard Premium
Customer Profile Small Business Corporate
Website Size Small Medium to Large
Competition Low, Local Medium to High, Global
Targeted Keywords Up to 5 keywords Up to 10 keywords
Discovery Interview
Keyword Effectiveness Research
Preliminary Ranking Report
Competitive Analysis  
On-Page Optimization    
Optimizing Pages for Keywords 3-5 pages 5-10 pages
Meta Tag Composition 3-5 pages 5-10 pages
Google Sitemap
Add New Content Pages  
Website Usability Assessment  
Website Quality Report  
Off-Page Optimization    
Reciprocal Quality Link Exchange 10 links 20 links
Publish Your Articles 1-3 3-5
Free Web Directory Submission 3 6
Paid Web Directory Submission 3 6
Detailed Submission Report
Monthly Ranking Reports
Project Engagement Period 6 Weeks 12 Weeks
Total Cost Of Package $499 $999

We fully appreciate that everyone's needs are unique and would be happy to work with you in building a tailored proposal that meets your needs.

Our Guarantee - Results or Your Money Back!

We cannot guarantee results - the dynamic world of search engine technology is constantly evolving. However, we are willing to bet that our solid processes and deep knowledge of these technologies will enable us to rank your website well within 6 months. If we fail to promote your website on the top search result pages within 6 months we offer a full refund of your money.

We do this because we believe in our ability to deliver the very best results.

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