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Website Design Studio Process

At Website Design Studio we believe in keeping things simple. Creating websites is not rocket science, but it can become complex if you do not follow a structured plan and manage your project efficiently.

Our process enables us to provide an elegant website design for a fraction of the cost of other website design companies. Over time we have refined our process into 3 systematic phases thereby minimising costs and saving time.

Identify the need



Identify the need

Our first task is to advise you on this journey, you may already have a rough idea of what you are searching for, but we hope to crystallize your vision into something more real, and most importantly of all, give you the tools to persuade and educate your own team, so you can move forward in harmony with us in delivering a successful project that will ultimately help us all grow together.

Please browse our website design tools page if you would like to download a helpful business case and othertools that will aid you in gaining internal sponsorship for your project.


On initiating the project, you will be appointed a project manager who will remain your single point of contact for the duration. An initial consultation will then be scheduled to discuss your precise requirements and identify your objectives. We will also try and set a baseline for the project, thus ensuring we can measure the effect it has on your organization. This will assist you in future in setting your own internal goals and targets and help judge whether the project as a whole has delivered successfully.

Depending on the size of the project we may create a project plan document and work with you to prioritize the various tasks and stepping stones therein that will assist us in mapping out our journey to a winning design.

Once we are clearly focused on your exact needs, and have laid out a roadmap of the project. Our designers will translate your vision into a layout and create a prototype to show you what the final website will look like. Once you have reviewed these and made any adjustments necessary we will present the design for final approval.

Now you can sit back and leave the rest to us as our designers convert the layouts into a fully operational website. During this phase we will register your company's domain name and configure your accounts. As the website nears completion it will be deployed to a testing server where you can monitor it's progress. We will conduct rigorous usability and quality assurance testing to ensure everything is 100% corect before submitting the website to you with all relevant documentation and training materials for your final approval. Once you are satisfied with this we will launch your website on our live server.

Learn and Evolve

Once your project is live we strongly recommend you take advantage of our website analytics and search engine optimization services to ensure it does not stagnate. It is vital that you use the data collected from our statistics packages to refine your website over time.

We can also help you understand if it is worthwhile to spend money on forms of online marketing such as Google Adwords or Microsoft adCenter. These forms of marketing really do offer fantastic value for money and usually give a stronger ROI than other marketing strategies, particularly for small companies. Once you have a website to be proud of, it would be an injustice not to ensure it is utilized as the exceptionally powerful sales and marketing tool it can be.