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Better Website ROI by Website Optimization

The web has revolutionized the way many businesses operate, but one of the most powerful aspects of a website is still often overlooked and thus potential customers are lost.

Every time a customer visits a page, they leave a trail of data: the website they came from, their geographic location, their company name, where they clicked, how long they visited for, the website they left you for, and so on. This information is a veritable goldmine and if used wisely it can be used to refine your site and make it perform better over time.

Take this example: one of our key clients had a commerce site that was underperforming. By looking at the websites traffic data we could see that a link to special offers on their homepage was being clicked on very rarely. The page looked professional but the graphic used to highlight the special offers was not doing its job of gaining the visitors eye. By adding a subtle primary colour border around the link; our website visitor reporting revealed that we increased click-throughs by over 800%!

Many small organizations do not have the expertise or the time to use this data to their advantage, that’s where we come in! As we are both website designers and website analysts we can ensure that your website evolves over time to achieve it’s full potential.

Naturally we won’t make the changes without your consent but every month we will build a website visitor report and will recommended changes. Once you give us the ok we can have the changes implemented in 2 working days. And because we build all our websites to be easy to change and grow, we very rarely charge for the changes!

Better website ROI through website optimization is at the very core of our business strategy. So, why not fill in your contact details in the form below so we can move forward with your project today?

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